Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barbara Thinks She's So Clever.

Barbara did a drawing of what she imagines I must look like sitting around the pool in Turks & Caicos in my full SPF 50 regalia.

Is it me, or is she WAY off the mark?


Clementine Swan said...

you look so glamorous. I think the aqua-burka was a very chic choice.

Anonymous said...

Barbara's outfit is very Grey Gardens, shut-in with money. The actual sun-shunning outfit has me feeling hot, like too much clothing, stifling hot- and only one liquid trick to solve that feeling (as demonstrated).

Mary said...

Surprisingly, that get-up was very comfortable, even in the extreme heat.

Looking at the picture and the drawing again just now, I'm cracking up at how much they resemble each other, outfits aside!