Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How We Spent Our Summer Vacations

We're back. As you can see from Barbara's illustration, it was an eventful summer. (Barbara can actually do a forearm stand, whereas I am still working on learning how to ride a unicycle. If anyone has any tips — or a unicyle, for that matter — please let me know. It was just a notion that I mentioned over cocktails a few weeks ago as something I wanted to do, and, now that Barbara's drawn it, feel I must do. As soon as I get a unicycle.)

Looking back over the summer, it's worth noting that in three months of weekly cosmo sessions, not one glass was broken. The reason: stainless steel. I gave Barbara a pair from Target for her birthday. At first they made me think of what a cocktail party in prison would be like, if prison had cocktail parties — I can practically hear the clanging as inmates demanded Cointreau, not Triple Sec — but now Barbara and I like them, both for their indestructibility and the nice job they do keeping a drink cold.

By the way, the cartoon caption comes from a comment Jan from Newport made via email several monts ago. What she actually wrote was, "It's comforting to know you will never fall victim to scurvy," which I misquoted when I reported it to Barbara. But the point is made.

This post marks the resumption of our once-a-week (at least) publishing schedule that we will stick to until next summer, at which point I will no doubt slack off again. But until then, please continue to check in (and comment!) as the search continues.


Anonymous said...

Glad stainless steel is working for you. I don't think I've had a cosmo since May. Warm weather in CA means people thrust margaritas at you. The two drinks are similar: spirits, lime flavor, orange flavor, just no "pink" addition. Have you tried to blend a cosmo with ice and serve it with some salt around the top? Sounds good to me now...

Barbara said...

Welcome back! It's good to know you two have been 'working out' all summer. Although I don't know much about riding a unicycle, Mary, I'm pretty sure you don't mount it 'rodeo style'.

Pat Rebholz said...

Those limes make my mouth water just looking at them. While I almost never try a New drink, my fave being vodka tonic with a lime, even if the tonic is flat, I'm hooked on the taste. Only during the summer though. Otherwise it's Reisling wine. However, imagine my surprise to see a pretty bottle of cosmopolitan mix in Big Lots for $2. I could hardly contain my joy. I will maybe even spring it on my unsuspecting Nazareth Academy classmates at the cottage on Monday. I'm sure they have never had the "made from scratch" variety and therefore won't know the difference. Marty's Mom

Michele Hush said...

You're back! I'm so happy. I had almost given up hope, and you know that hopelessness can drive a person to drink. And of course it did, although I would have been drinking anyway.

Speaking of drinking, my new favorite is Junipero gin on ice with or without a twist of lime. Delicious.

Mary said...

Thanks for all the comments, which I promise from now on I will reply to sooner.

WhoopsyD., I like your cosmargarita idea! I'm going to try it.

Barbara, after my travails getting on a regular bike, I think the unicycle will be a piece of cake.

Pat, I hope your NA classmates like their first cosmos. It's good to try a new drink. I'm thinking of trying Gibsons, because I like gin and I like onions, but I don't know...

Michele, I've never seen Junipero gin. Good name, though. I'll have to look for it.

Thanks all for posting.